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Mystery Shopping: by post

Postal mystery shopping can be of two kinds:

  • Outgoing telephone request from mystery shopper for information to be posted to them by outlet.
  • Postal request for information to be posted out, which may or may not involve completed coupons or subscriptions, etc.

Why conduct Postal Mystery Shopping?

The initial aim is quite simply to ensure that the correct literature is being sent out by the sales teams, and that it is being sent out promptly. In the longer term, postal assessment can be used to monitor direct mail campaign timings, as well as administrative efficiency.

Tele-postal mystery shops

Many postal mystery shopping programmes involve a subsequent incoming follow-up telephone call from the sales department concerned. We call this tele-postal mystery shopping. If used in conjunction with a follow-up telephone sales call, the timing of this can also be assessed, as well as the technique used during the call itself. Tele-postal mystery shopping can also help evaluate the effectiveness of telesales campaigns over a longer timescale.

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