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Mystery Shopping: by visit

Mystery shopping visits can also be built into the telephone-based programme, or run as stand-alone projects, should you so wish.

Depending on the nature of you organisation, the classic mystery shopping visitor approach may be more relevant than telephone or postal mystery shopping.

In a typical mystery shopping program, a "shopper" is briefed to participate in a service encounter. The shopper is given a scenario, which might include a list of items to buy and questions to ask. Based on the observations made in the outlet, the shopper fills out a questionnaire.

Of course, many questions could be asked about the encounter: questions about the accuracy of the cash transaction, any cross-selling attempted by the employee, the quality of the items purchased, the cleanliness of the establishment, etc.

All visit mystery shops are broadly similar in purpose but they are different in many important details. Each Shopper Programme run by MarketChecker is individually designed to the brief of the client concerned, with complete freedom of choice of reporting method. Video or tape recording of shopper visits is available should a client wish for this depth of study.

Ask for a mystery shopping quotation and we think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

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